How Does A Chainsaw Oiler Work: Best Practices

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The oiler on your chainsaw is one of the most important parts. Lubrication is critical to keep your chain spinning smoothly around the bar. Today we will look at how exactly a chainsaw oiler works, and what you can do to enhance the performance of your chainsaw through lubrication. Without proper lubrication, there will be … Read more

What Kind Of Oil For Chainsaw: 4 Of The Best Types

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When it comes to what kind of oil to use for your chainsaw, there are a few different types. There are also two different uses for oil in a chainsaw. For gas chainsaws, you must mix oil with gasoline as your main fuel. With gas chainsaws and electric chainsaws, you must use oil to lubricate … Read more

Chainsaw Bar Not Getting Oil: What To Do?

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Let’s talk about the oiler on your chainsaw. Almost every modern chainsaw comes with an automatic oiling system. This is one of the most important systems on your chainsaw, as it brings oil to your guide bar. But what happens when the chainsaw bar is not getting oil? When this happens, something is wrong and … Read more

Bar And Chain Oil Substitute: What Are The Options?

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As you might already know, every chainsaw comes with a particular bar and chain oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. And while you should of course take the manufacturer’s suggestions seriously, what if that oil is not around? What happens if you need to use your chainsaw but you don’t have any proper bar … Read more

Chainsaw Bar Oil Weight: All You Need To Know

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Bar oil for your chainsaw is a little different than the oil you may be thinking about. Bar oil is designed differently than the oil you use to mix in with your gasoline. Bar oil is used primarily as lubrication to stick to the chain and the bar of your chainsaw. Because of this, bar … Read more

Chainsaw Gas Mix: How To Mix It Correctly

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Have you ever heard about mixing gas? As strange as it is, most fuel for tools, especially your household lawnmower and chainsaw, do not take straight gasoline from the pump like your car. In order for your machinery to work, you need to have the proper chainsaw gas mixture. And while the mixture itself is … Read more