Worx 40v Chainsaw Review: Powerful Battery Operated Unit

worx 40v chainsaw review featured

The Worx WG384 40V Cordless Chainsaw is a powerful battery-operated unit that comes loaded with features. This Chainsaw uses twin 20V batteries for an immense amount of cutting power. You can purchase the chainsaw with the batteries and the charger included, making it a total package. You also get a dual-port charger and a blade … Read more

Sun Joe Chainsaw Review: Powerful SWJ701E Model

sun joe chainsaw review featured

The Sun Joe SWJ701E 18” Electric Chainsaw is one of the best corded units on the market. If you are looking for a quality chainsaw for use around your property, this is a great choice. It makes yard work fun. The powerful 14-amp motor can tackle any kind of tough cutting job. This chainsaw comes … Read more

Remington 46cc Chainsaw Review: Powerful 18 Inch Model

remington rm4618 chainsaw featured

The Remington RM4618 Chainsaw is a fantastic 18” gas chainsaw that can handle a serious amount of work. This chainsaw comes with a high-output engine for intense power, while still managing to offer excellent fuel efficiency and low emission outputs. The chainsaw has minimal vibration, it has a low-kickback chain for your safety, and it … Read more

Oregon Chainsaw Review: Powerful CS1500 Model

oregon electric chainsaw

The Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw is an amazing little tool. It comes with an extremely strong motor, it does not make a lot of noise, and it is great for yard work. If you need to trim some branches and cut down some small trees, this is the unit for you. The CS1500 … Read more

Worx Jawsaw Review: Safe And Powerful WG320 Chainsaw

worx jawsaw featured

The Worx WG320 JawSaw 20V Cordless Chainsaw is the safest electric chainsaw ever invented. This is unlike any chainsaw you have ever used before. It has a fully protective guard that makes it impossible to hurt yourself with the spinning chain. When the saw is not being used, the blade is retracted inside the base … Read more

Echo 370 Chainsaw Review: Feature-Packed Gas Chainsaw

echo 370 chainsaw

Today we will review the Echo CS-370 Gas Chainsaw. This saw comes available in three different sizes, either with a 14” bar, a 16” bar, or an 18” bar. The chainsaw features an automatic adjustable oiler, an inertia-activated chain brake, the i-30 starting technology, and a robust 36.3 CC professional 2-stroke engine. It even has … Read more

Black And Decker 40V Chainsaw Review: Powerful Cordless Chainsaw

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The Black & Decker 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw is one of the best cordless chainsaws ever. This is a serious machine. Most cordless chainsaws lack power, they lack ability, and they are generally pretty cheap. But not this chainsaw! It’s a real powerhouse with loads of features, a great price tag, and infinite uses. When … Read more

Black And Decker 20V Chainsaw Review: Mini-Sized Chainsaw

black and decker 20v chainsaw thumbnail

Today I will be reviewing the Black & Decker 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw. This is a tiny chainsaw with a 10” bar and chain that can make quick work of branches and small logs. This is an excellent chainsaw for cutting wood, for pruning trees, and for doing a handful of other landscaping tasks. In … Read more

Greenworks 80V Chainsaw Review: Power-Packed Electric Chainsaw

greenworks 80v chainsaw featured

The Greenworks Pro 18” 80V Chainsaw is an absolute masterpiece of a tool. With 80 volts of power, you can expect to get at least 150 cuts with a fully charged battery. That is more than 50 cuts when compared to other leading cordless chainsaws. The power you get with this chainsaw is equivalent to … Read more

Remington Electric Chainsaw Review: Durable Corded Chainsaw

remington rm1645 electric chainsaw thumbnail

Today we will review the Remington RM1645 Versa Electric Chainsaw. This is a powerful little chainsaw with a small electric motor that can cut tree limbs quickly and effectively. It is not cordless, and so you must have the power to operate the chainsaw. This is one of the better units for using around your … Read more

Poulan P3314 Review: Affordable Efficient Gas Chainsaw

poulan p3314 featured

Today I will review the Poulan P3314 14” Gas Chainsaw. This is another phenomenal product from Poulan, and it comes included with a monster 33CC, 2-stroke gas engine that gives you incredible speed and unstoppable power. If you are looking to cut down some medium trees, to do some serious yard work, or just to … Read more

Worx Chainsaw Review: Lightweight Affordable Electric Chainsaw

worx wg322 chainsaw thumbnail

The Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw is a fantastic product. If you want a reliable cordless chainsaw that makes clean cuts, has a long battery life, lots of automatic features, a lightweight body, and a robust design, this is the tool for you. As an affordable chainsaw, it doesn’t get much better. This thing costs … Read more

Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw Review: Industrial-Strength Chainsaw

poulan pro 20 inch chainsaw small

Finally, it is time for a full review of the Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw. This machine is a beast. There are other chainsaws from the same company, but this one is large and in charge. It has an awesome black and yellow finish, with an aggressive chain that works to bite through every slab … Read more

Poulan 16 Chainsaw Review: Fuel-Efficient Eco-Friendly Chainsaw

poulan 16 chainsaw featured

Today we are talking about the Poulan Pro PR4016 16” Gas Chainsaw. This is one bad wood-cutting machine. And when I say bad, what I really mean is this chainsaw is a beast. It has some serious cutting power. You may be thinking about buying a cordless 16” chainsaw, but you should know nothing can … Read more

Husqvarna T435 Review: Fast Portable Gas Chainsaw

husqvarna t435 thumbnail

Today I am reviewing the Husqvarna T435 Top Handle Gas Chainsaw. This is a fantastic piece of equipment with all the features you want in a chainsaw. It has a unique top handle, a super durable bar, and chain, and an effortless pull start. You get an enhanced cutting experience with low vibration and simple … Read more

Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review: Brushless Electric Chainsaw

greenworks 40v electric chainsaw thumbnail

Welcome to my review of the Greenworks 16” 40V Cordless Chainsaw. This is an awesome little unit with some of the best reviews on the internet. When you want a chainsaw that really delivers power and safety, this is it. It is small, it is portable, and it packs a mean punch. Even though this … Read more

Dewalt Chainsaw 60V Review: Highly Efficient Electric Chainsaw

dewalt dccs670x1 chainsaw featured

Today we are talking about the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Chainsaw. This is one of the most powerful cordless chainsaws on the market right now. It comes complete with a 60V MAX battery, whereas other chain saws only use a 20V battery. As you can guess, this unit is about 3 times stronger than your … Read more

Tanaka Chainsaw Review: Built-To-Last Gas Chainsaw

tanaka tcs33edtp chainsaw thumbnail

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is a seriously heavy-duty chainsaw with a 12” bar and chain that can cut apart wood like you wouldn’t believe. This is a mean unit. It has a 32.2CC commercial engine that gives an extremely powerful performance with clean cuts and very few toxic emissions. If you own a large piece of … Read more

Poulan Pro 18 Chainsaw Review: Minimum Maintenance Chainsaw

poulan pro 18 chainsaw featured

This is a pretty cool machine. The Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas Chainsaw is everything you have been looking for in a medium-sized cutting tool. This chainsaw comes with a black shell, which makes it look fresh and new. It is not every day you get to choose a black chainsaw. The Poulan Pro 18 also … Read more

Husqvarna 440e Review: Feather-Light Low-Vibration Chainsaw

husqvarna 440e thumbnail

In my Husqvarna 440e review, I am going to tell you about this chainsaw’s amazing features, its incredibly complex technology, its revolutionary design, and its cutting power. This chainsaw is going to change the way you operate in the woods. Need to cut down a tree in a matter of seconds? No problem with this … Read more

Echo CS 352 Review: Compact And Ergonomic Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 352 featured

It is time for the Echo CS 352 review. This is an outstanding chainsaw that offers premium performance at a premium price. It comes with all the features you expect in a modern chainsaw without sacrificing the intense power of an old, heavy-duty industrial chainsaw. This unit comes with unique starting technology, a professional engine, … Read more

Echo CS 310 Review: Compact Lightweight Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 310 chainsaw thumbnail

In my Echo CS 310 review, I am going to be going over all the incredible features that make this one of the best lightweight chainsaws ever. This unit comes at a seriously low price, it has almost no vibration, the 14” bar is super strong, and the 30.5CC engine is robust and durable. Everything … Read more

Husqvarna 450 Review: Powerful Gas Powered Chainsaw

husqvarna 450 gas powered chainsaw

In my Husqvarna 450 Review, I will detail all the amazing features of this great gas-powered chainsaw and how it can improve your work in the field. This chainsaw comes with a super-strong 3.2 horsepower X-Torq engine that works to reduce the harmful exhaust emissions found in most chainsaws while still increasing its fuel efficiency. … Read more

Makita Chainsaw Review: Innovative Cordless Chainsaw

makita battery powered chainsaw

Welcome to my Makita chainsaw review of the Makita XCU03PT1, one of the best cordless chainsaws ever. This fantastic chainsaw comes with a unique brushless motor and a direct drive system that gives it extremely intense power, emulating the exact strength of a 32CC gas chainsaw. If you want a chainsaw for cutting down trees, … Read more

Husqvarna 435 Review: Lightweight Durable Gas Chainsaw

husqvarna 435 featured

In my Husqvarna 435 review, you will learn all about how this is the best 16” gas-powered chainsaw on the market today. This is an extremely lightweight chainsaw that anyone can pick up and handle with superior ease. The inner workings are super strong, the casing is very durable, and you get a lot of … Read more

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review: Professional Grade Chainsaw

husqvarna 460 rancher thumbnail

Welcome to my Husqvarna 460 Rancher review. Today we are going to learn about how amazing this chainsaw is. With a bar length of 20 inches, an incredible 2-cycle engine that outputs 60CCs of power, and 3.62 horsepower, this chainsaw is ready to handle not medium jobs, but super tough industrial jobs. You can expect … Read more

Echo CS 590 Review: Strong High-Performance Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 590 60cc chainsaw thumbnail

In my Echo CS 590 review, prepare to be wowed by the strength and quality of this great chainsaw. This is really a serious piece of equipment. If you want to hack down trees in mere minutes without breaking a sweat, this is what you have been looking for. The CS-590 Chainsaw is a pretty … Read more

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Review: Quick-Starting Gas Chainsaw

husqvarna 455 rancher thumbnail

It is time for my Husqvarna 455 Rancher review. Perhaps this is a little late, but better late than never. Everyone should know about this fantastic gas chainsaw. It is ideal for anyone who owns land, or who has a large piece of property with many trees that need constant maintenance. The chainsaw is also … Read more

Echo CS 490 Review: Sturdy Powerful Gas Chainsaw

echo cs490 chainsaw

The Echo CS490 chainsaw is a fantastic model that is just as powerful as the leading brands, while coming in at a cheaper price. Pros: Cheaper than Stihl or Husqvarna Easy to upgrade Excellent Starter Cons: Cheap bar and chain Chain tensioner is not the best Welcome to my Echo CS 490 review, where I … Read more

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Review: Affordable Cordless Chainsaw

dewalt 20v chainsaw featured

Today I have a very special DeWalt 20V Chainsaw review just for you. I am going to go through every last feature of the DeWalt DCCS620B Cordless Chainsaw until you just can’t take it anymore. This chainsaw comes with a 12” Oregon bar and chain. It has a high-efficiency brushless motor. It has seriously long … Read more

Echo CS 400 Review: Fuel-Efficient Beginner Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 400 chainsaw problems

It is time for my Echo CS 400 review, in which I will describe to you all the greatest features of this gas chainsaw. Almost nobody makes chainsaws better than Echo, and this unit is a prime example of their superior design power. The unit comes with engine oil included, the 18” bar and chain … Read more

Jonsered Chainsaw Review: Robust Durable Gas Chainsaw

jonsered cs2245 chainsaw thumbnail

If you are reading my Jonsered chainsaw review, chances are you are looking for the best gas chainsaw available at an affordable price. Well, you are in luck because this is it. The CS2245 Chainsaw is an 18” monster that works with a clean power engine to reduce toxic exhaust emissions by a whopping 75%, … Read more

EGO Chainsaw Review: Heavy-Duty Cordless Electric Chainsaw

ego power cs1400 thumbnail

It is time for the EGO Chainsaw review. Today I will tell you all about EGO’s Power+ Chainsaw and how it can benefit your life. With an incredibly strong brushless motor, chain speeds of up to 6,800 RPM, a robust weather-resistant construction, maximum safety controls, and a chain tensioning knob, this is one of the … Read more

Blue Max Chainsaw Review: Modern Eco-Friendly Gas Chainsaw

blue max chainsaw featured

Today we have my Blue Max Gas Chainsaw review. Talk about an outstanding chainsaw. I have never seen such a great gas chainsaw from a rather obscure company that offers such reliable performance. It comes with a massive fuel tank and oil tank, a huge 51.5CC engine, maximum rotations per minute, and a sturdy bar … Read more