Stihl Vs Husqvarna: Comparison Of 2 Powerful Chainsaws

It is time to take the Stihl 18” MS271 Farm Boss and compare it against the Husqvarna 450 18” Gas Chainsaw. Both chainsaws are at the top of their class. Both these models are super strong with reliable engines, sturdy parts, and smart designs. These are ideal for all kinds of the hardest yard work.

Each chainsaw comes with an 18” bar and chain that you can depend on for all your cutting needs. These are excellent chainsaws to use if you are a landowner, a rancher, or a farmer and you need to cut firewood and do lots of chores around your property. Either one of these chainsaws is great for cleaning wood and tearing down small trees.

You can expect features like reduced engine emissions, increased fuel efficiency, a smart air filtration system, anti-vibration technology, and so much more. These chainsaws are designed to be comfortable and practical while performing at their best.

Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw Review

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is an outstanding piece of machinery. This chainsaw is jammed full of features and technology. It offers an incredibly high fuel efficiency with an engine that runs for 20% longer between each fill-up. There is a pre-separation air filtration system that allows your air filter to last five times longer than normal. This is a very smartly designed chainsaw, filled with loads of great features.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance has never been easier. The air filtration system means you have to change the air filter five times less than before. Additionally, you don’t need any tools when fussing with the oil or fuel, as all their caps spin-off with your fingers. There is even a chain tensioner on the side that gives you quick access to chain adjustments.

Anti-Vibration System

There are so many features it is hard to talk about all of them, but one of the big ones is the anti-vibration system. This system drastically reduces the vibration levels felt by you when using the tool. This increases safety by increasing your comfort. Your hands won’t vibrate, and you won’t have any dramatic user fatigue.

Husqvarna 450 Gas Chainsaw Review

The Husqvarna 450 Gas Chainsaw is a classic piece of equipment with all the best technology of the future. This chainsaw has a super durable engine designed to withstand years of horrible abuse, it is incredibly easy to start with a unique choke/stop control and a 40% reduction on the resistance of the starter cord, and it is lightweight and portable for the best user experience.

Premium Features

When you purchase this chainsaw, you get all the best premium features. The 450 is designed to give the quickest action when cutting. This means you get expert cuts with clean precision thanks to all the premium components. The 50.2CC engine outputs an incredible amount of power while keeping emissions safely at a minimum. And you even get a 30% increase in fuel efficiency.

Safety First

Along with having a stable engine and a solid build, the 450 Chainsaw has safety features. It comes with an inertia-activated chain brake that dramatically reduces any chance of you being injured from a violent kickback incident. Basically, this feature keeps your chainsaw from kicking when something goes wrong.

Stihl vs Husqvarna: Main Product Differences

There are not a lot of differences between the Husqvarna chainsaw and the Stihl chainsaw. Each one has a 50.2 CC, 2-stroke engine. Each one has a very strong 18” bar with a sharp 18” chain for maximum cutting, and each one comes with a unique air system to keep maintenance at a bare minimum.

Additionally, each of these chainsaws offers low toxic emissions and great fuel efficiency. It seems all their features are the same. Even the Stihl chainsaw has roughly the same horsepower, sitting at 3.49HP while the Husqvarna only has 3.2HP. Even the weight is similar, with the Husqvarna at 11 pounds and the Stihl at 12 pounds!

Starting the Chainsaw

To put things plainly, the Husqvarna is easier to start. This is actually a deal-breaker for a lot of people. It is crucial to be able to start your chainsaw, and the Husqvarna 450 has systems in place that make sure it starts properly. It has a much better track record than the Stihl MS271 Farm Boss.

This is because the 450 uses a smart choke/stop control that gives you instant engine starting while reducing any possible risk that the engine will flood. In fact, the resistance of the starter cord has been fully reduced by around 40%.

Better Quality

There is definitely a slight discrepancy in quality. The Stihl Farm Boss is made with the best parts. It has the most reliable engine, and it has the most well-thought design. Every last component of the Stihl chainsaw has been produced with quality in mind. While the Husqvarna is definitely a quality tool, it has a hard time competing.

Stihl vs Husqvarna: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there has to be a winner. While the Husqvarna 450 is an awesome chainsaw with tons of great features, I have to place it in second. Sure, the 450 is nearly unbeatable. It is super affordable, it has lots of power, and it comes in a durable package. It even offers reliable starting and low exhaust emissions.

But it is hard to beat the Stihl Farm Boss. If you are looking for the best 18” chainsaw, I would recommend buying the Stihl. It has amazing fuel efficiency, it runs for an extremely long time before needing to refill the gas tank, and it has a dangerously sharp chain that is notorious for cutting through hardwood like butter. The air filter lasts basically forever, and the technology is all brand new. This is a great machine!

I highly recommend the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw to any homeowner, laborer, or rancher.

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