How To Clean Chainsaw Air Filter: 3 Simple Steps

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Today we’re going to look at how to clean the air filter on your chainsaw. You may not think so, but the air filter is one of the most important parts of your chainsaw. Without the air filter, your chainsaw would not work properly, you wouldn’t be able to cut through anything, and you would … Read more

How To Connect Throttle Cable To Carb: Fix It Yourself!

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The throttle cable is one of the most important parts of your chainsaw. In order for your chainsaw to run at all, it needs the throttle cable to be attached to both the throttle trigger and the carburetor. You see, when you pull the trigger, the throttle cable enables fuel to flow so that the … Read more

How To Adjust Your Chainsaw Carburetor: Easy 9 Steps Guide

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Carburetors are extremely complicated. Learning how to adjust your chainsaw carburetor is necessary to keep your chainsaw working smoothly at all times. If your carburetor is properly adjusted, you have maximum power, very little smoke, and the machine will idle and run like a dream. If your carburetor is not adjusted properly, you may have … Read more