Tanaka Chainsaw Review: Built-To-Last Gas Chainsaw

tanaka chainsaw reviewThe Tanaka TCS33EDTP is a seriously heavy-duty chainsaw with a 12” bar and chain that can cut apart wood like you wouldn’t believe. This is a mean unit. It has a 32.2CC commercial engine that gives an extremely powerful performance with clean cuts and very few toxic emissions.

If you own a large piece of property and are looking to do some landscaping, this is the best chainsaw to do it with. The unit is tiny and extremely portable, it weighs next to nothing, and its small bar and chain can slice through any small tree in just seconds.

If you want to cut down big trees, this is probably not the best unit. But you can cut firewood, you can cut limbs from trees, and you can cut apart fallen hunks of timber that are on your property. The chainsaw comes with lots of great automatic features, and it is ideal for beginners because it is very easy to use.

Tanaka Chainsaw Review: Overview

There is a lot to discuss about the 12″ Tanaka Chainsaw. It is definitely an awesome handheld tool for cutting down small trees, making quick work of firewood, and pruning. Any kind of heavy gardening can be done with this chainsaw, and by heavy gardening, I mean light landscaping.

The chainsaw is fuel-efficient, it is easy to start, and it has convenient adjustments. Let’s breakdown all the great features of the Tanaka chainsaw presently.

Outstanding Maneuverability

This is one of the most maneuverable chainsaws available today. It has an awesome design. Rather than a normal handle that wraps around the unit, this has a wraparound handle with a top handle. There is no bottom handle like on most chainsaws.

What this means is that you have total control over the chainsaw while holding it from above. While this may seem a bit unorthodox, it is actually ideal for cutting sideways, for bending over to do cuts on the ground, and for any other complicated orientation. This is an awesome feature that you almost never see on chainsaws these days.

In addition, the chainsaw is super light. It weighs very little and is easy to carry around and make your cuts. The 12” bar and chain are solid, with the chain having extremely sharp cutters that can bite through hardwood or softwood. And the performance of the engine is surprisingly good. Small, portable, and outstanding performance. It does not get much better than this.

Easy Starting

One of the most important things with a chainsaw is starting it. There is nothing worse than a chainsaw that won’t start. Luckily, the Tanaka 12″ Chainsaw has an amazing system in place that prevents flooding of the engine and encourages an easy start every time.

There is half throttle choke with a convenient primer bulb that allows easy starting without any complications. This is great for people who start the chainsaw, make a few quick cuts, then shut it off. You don’t have to worry about the chainsaw not starting again after you have shut it off.

Automatic Oiler

Automatic oilers are essential. And guess what, this chainsaw has one. By filling the automatic oiler, you never need to worry about oiling the chain on your chainsaw. The automatic oiler takes care of it for you, prolonging the total life of your tool while keeping the chain spinning at optimal speed.

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This particular model comes with a gear-driven oiler. This means the appropriate amount of oil is always going to be delivered to the chain depending on what your operation of the chainsaw is. The harder you work, the more oil that gets distributed to the chain. This is incredibly convenient.

Speaking of convenience, this chainsaw offers amazing fuel efficiency. You will use less fuel over a long period of time than you would with other chainsaws. And while the engine is only 32.2CC, it is still incredibly robust and powerful. It also offers near noiseless functionality.

A Chainsaw for Life

Here is the difference between the Tanaka 12″ Chainsaw and other chainsaws that are similarly sized, especially cordless chainsaws. The difference is that the Tanaka is designed to last forever. This will be a chainsaw you keep in your garage for years to come, unlike many cordless chainsaws that tend to break within the first year. There is definitely something to be said about quality manufacturing.

In fact, this chainsaw is so good that it comes with a 7-year consumer warranty, a 2-year commercial warranty, and a 1-year rental warranty. That is a lot of confidence from the manufacturer. They automatically assume that this chainsaw will last a full seven years with any consumer. That should be proof of how reliable the chainsaw is. Most other companies would not offer such a generous warranty with any of the products, never mind with a chainsaw!

Tanaka Chainsaw Review: Final Thoughts

To leave you with my final thoughts, all I have to say is that you should buy the Tanaka TCS33EDTP. If you have gotten all the way through this article, I know you are interested! You definitely don’t need a giant lumberjack chainsaw, and for the simple needs of firewood, yard pruning, and general maintenance, this is a great piece of equipment.

Additionally, this chainsaw can be used on the job for cutting lumber and other wood thanks to its small size. You can use it like a handheld saw, which it basically is, to help you when building or working on a renovation. It has an automatic oiler, quick access to the chain tensioning system, and one of the best-designed bodies on any small chainsaw.

The top handle is ideal for maneuverability. You really can’t find a chainsaw this well-designed for such a low price. If you are a newbie to handling chainsaws, I highly recommend the 12” Tanaka. It is fun to use and you will never get bored. In fact, you will probably try to find more work to do!

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