Blue Max Chainsaw Review: Modern Eco-Friendly Gas Chainsaw

blue max chainsaw reviewToday we have my Blue Max Gas Chainsaw review. Talk about an outstanding chainsaw. I have never seen such a great gas chainsaw from a rather obscure company that offers such reliable performance. It comes with a massive fuel tank and oil tank, a huge 51.5CC engine, maximum rotations per minute, and a sturdy bar and chain.

If you are looking for a new chainsaw that is built to be above professional, this is it. The chainsaw has extreme power, it is blue and looks awesome, it has a very sharp blade, it is easy to use, and it weighs next to nothing. For serious applications, I can’t recommend this chainsaw enough.

The chainsaw has an auto spoiler, a handle made to dampen the vibration felt by you, in an anti-kickback chain, and it can be adjusted without using any tools. For heavy-duty work, this is the chainsaw you have been looking for. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Blue Max Chainsaw Review: Overview

We are about to go deep into the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw. As an outdoor tool, this is what professionalism looks like. It is simple to attach the chain and even easier to adjust it. There is an automatic chain oiler that keeps consistent oil lubricating the chain as it spins around the bar, and it has an eco-boost engine for lower gas emissions and better fuel consumption.

The design of this chainsaw is modern and professional. This is the future technology of wood cutting. You will be very happy with your final product, I guarantee it. Now let’s take a deeper look.

Modern Machine

Is there anything nicer than getting the newest piece of technology or the most advanced tool? With the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw, which is a remarkable blue color by the way, you are getting the most modern chainsaw ever. It looks clean, it is entirely operational, and it even feels new and unique when you use it.

As a modern piece of machinery, this chainsaw comes with all the safety features you would expect. Most notably, it has a quick-stop chain brake and an anti-kickback chain to keep you safe while cutting wood.

This makes it the ideal chainsaw for beginners. A person new to using a chainsaw won’t feel overwhelmed and they will not feel in danger, which is important for confidence when working with a dangerous tool.


Another modern aspect of this machine is that it has an eco-boost engine. You have probably only ever heard of an eco-boost engine coming in a car. But guess what, now they come in chainsaws!

The eco-boost engine works to drastically lower the toxic emissions that come out of the chainsaw. Gone are the days of black fumes being barfed into the sky out of a chainsaw. It just doesn’t happen anymore with an eco-boost engine. Plus, the fuel consumption is much better than with older models. Even if you don’t care about the environment, I guarantee you care about saving money on fuel.

Lots of Options

This chainsaw is great. It has an automatic oiler, an anti-vibration handle, and lots of other features. And, there are lots of great options to choose from. Maybe this is not your ideal size. Maybe a 51.5CC engine is not good enough for you – or maybe it is too powerful.

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If this is the case, you can easily upgrade to a 57CC engine with a 22” bar and all the same features that make this such an excellent piece of outdoor equipment. Alternatively, you can downgrade to a model with only a 45CC engine and an 18” bar. There is something here for everyone.

Comfort Always

Being comfortable while working with your chainsaw is critical. Discomfort can lead to annoyance, which can lead to bad decision making and possible accidents. The Blue Max comes equipped with an anti-vibration handle to increase the comfort of the user and decrease the chances of an accident.

Basically, this means rather than vibrating like an electric toothbrush while operating your chainsaw, you will have a much gentler experience. There will be no annoying tingling in your fingers and hands, and there will be no fatigue in your arms from relentless vibration.

Maximum RPMs

How do 10,500 rotations per minute sound? It sounds like a chainsaw buzzing through a thick tree trunk in second. The speed of this unit is incredible. It idles anywhere between 2,700 and 3,400 RPM. Just that alone is evidence of how powerful the 2-stroke engine is and what the raw strength of a single cylinder can do.

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In short, this chainsaw cuts. The automatic oiler keeps your chain lubricated at all times so that your maximum cutting speed is never diminished. You will cut at maximum speed whenever you pull the trigger with purpose. Talk about effectiveness.

Blue Max Chainsaw Review: Final Thoughts

You could choose any chainsaw. There are countless chainsaws manufactured by companies that are better known to the public. But when you buy the Blue Max Gas Chainsaw, you are getting a reliable piece of equipment from people who honestly care about making the best products. I can’t stress the dedication that went into building this chainsaw enough.

Its applications are endless. You can use this chainsaw outside for cutting trees, for clearing different kinds of debris, and for making short work of fallen trees. Because of its very tough bar and chain, cutting fallen trunks has never been easier. You can turn an entire fallen redwood tree into pieces of firewood in no time at all.

To conclude, I highly recommend getting this chainsaw as a replacement for whatever you are currently using. If you were looking for something a bit larger, there is another chainsaw from the same company that has a larger engine and a bigger bar. There is also a smaller chainsaw from the same company with a smaller engine if this model is too tough.

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