Echo CS 310 Review: Compact Lightweight Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 310 reviewIn my Echo CS 310 review, I am going to be going over all the incredible features that make this one of the best lightweight chainsaws ever. This unit comes at a seriously low price, it has almost no vibration, the 14” bar is super strong, and the 30.5CC engine is robust and durable.

Everything about this chainsaw is great. It is obviously a smaller unit, but that is what you want from a good lightweight chainsaw. It is maneuverable and easy to bring up a tree. It is easy to use for beginners who have never tried a chainsaw before. And it is great value for the money.

If you need a solid gas chainsaw to use on your property for cutting fallen logs, annoying stumps, and rotten branches off of trees, this is it. You can even cut down trees with reasonable diameters. The fuel consumption is very good, and the exhaust output is minimal.

Echo CS 310 Review: Overview

There is a lot to go over in this review. The CS 310 Chainsaw comes with many great features. Just keep in mind it is a small chainsaw with only a 14” bar. The fuel tank capacity is only 8.5 ounces and it does not have an automatic oiling system. This means you need to do the oil yourself. But that only takes a second, and so long as you keep your chainsaw oiled it will work for a lifetime.

Best Off-Ground Chainsaw

The majority of chainsaw work happens off the ground. Trees need to be trimmed, and if you are a person who does this work you know all about how stressful it can be going up the side of a tree on a ladder or in a boom. You also know how important having a reliable chainsaw is.

Not only does your chainsaw need to be reliable, but it needs to be consistent, it needs to start, and it needs to have very low kickback. You must keep your balance when high in the air, and the quality of your chainsaw directly impacts this.

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Luckily, the CS 310 is ideal for use in the canopy of a tree. It always starts the first time, it has an easy pull cord that won’t have you ripping at it like a deranged monkey, and it starts without knocking you off your balance.

Also, the chainsaw runs smoothly without any kickback. There may be a little, but not enough to cause any serious damage. Additionally, this chainsaw is extremely lightweight. You will immediately understand the difference between sitting on a branch with a super-light piece of equipment vs a heavy tool that constantly has you fighting for balance.

There is no denying how handy this small chainsaw is for cutting branches high off the ground. I highly recommended to anyone who works in this line of business.

Small Package, Big Power

You will be surprised by how powerful this chainsaw is. Despite its compact size, it can do some serious damage. Even if you don’t have much work to do. For example, let’s say a single tree has fallen over on your property and you don’t know what to do. You don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you need to get rid of the tree.

That is where the CS 310 comes into play. This is a super affordable chainsaw that costs less than most tools. With a single tank of gas, you can easily begin dismantling any fallen tree that is on your property. You can cut it nicely into firewood, and then retire the chainsaw to your garage until you need it again.

What I am trying to say is that the chainsaw is awesome for any random task. It obviously is not going to go into the woods to start cutting down massive trees, but it is definitely a good little saw that will take care of you and your property whenever the need arises.

Safety for Beginners

Safety is always a very important aspect of any tool, especially in a chainsaw where you could accidentally cut your leg right off – though that is incredibly difficult and unlikely. What I really enjoy about the CS 310 is how safe it is. It has a reliable handguard that stops any unpredictable wood from crushing your fingers while you grip the handle, and it is very comfortable to wield.

These features are super important for any beginner. If this is your first chainsaw, you definitely want it to be safe. And in fact, this is a perfect size for a beginner. You will learn how to use a chainsaw properly without having to carry around a dinosaur tool that weighs 75 pounds.

At the end of the day, I can’t recommend this chainsaw any more. It is an awesome tool that has endless uses.

Echo CS 310 Review: Final Thoughts

You have a lot of choices when buying a new chainsaw. There are dozens of brands, there are dozens of sizes and almost countless variations of power. But with the Echo CS-310, you get loads of power stuffed into a small chainsaw that is simplistic, very safe, and lightweight. The maneuverability of the CS 310 is simply boggling. You can easily cut wood in the most awkward positions without straining your back.

I highly recommend this chainsaw to any homeowner. Even if you do not have any overly hard work to do, this chainsaw is great. It can make quick work of logs and sticks, thin branches, and thin trees. Also, this is a great chainsaw for making firewood. You can easily cut logs into manageable pieces no problem.

Because of its low vibration, this is the best chainsaw to use for long periods. It has a low weight, so you don’t tire yourself just by carrying it, and the low vibration keeps your hands safe from annoying buzzing sensations. This is definitely a great chainsaw for every homeowner to have handy in their garage or shed.

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