Echo CS 400 Review: Fuel-Efficient Beginner Gas Chainsaw

echo cs 400 reviewIt is time for my Echo CS 400 review, in which I will describe to you all the greatest features of this gas chainsaw. Almost nobody makes chainsaws better than Echo, and this unit is a prime example of their superior design power. The unit comes with engine oil included, the 18” bar and chain included, and a professional 40.2CC, 2-stroke engine.

This is a great replacement unit for your old and outdated chainsaw. It has the incredible power you need to cut down a full tree without even trying. Plus, you can attach a larger bar and chain onto the chainsaw for cutting even thicker wood.

I highly recommend the CS 400 Chainsaw to anyone who is a landowner or a homeowner and needs to properly tend to their property. It is lightweight and portable, you can haul it up a tree with you, and it is fuel-efficient so that you don’t waste a lot of time constantly mixing and filling it with fuel.

Echo CS 400 Review: Overview

There is a lot to go over with this chainsaw. It is ergonomic, it is one of the most affordable chainsaws on the market, it is lighter than previous units, it is fuel-efficient, and it is super robust. This is not the type of chainsaw that will break if dropped or hit by a tree.

Plus, this is a great beginner chainsaw that does not cost a lot of money. Even if you don’t like it and you want a larger unit, at least you didn’t waste any money. You can still use this chainsaw for smaller tasks around your property. You can even give it as a gift to your neighbor.

Quality Brand, Quality Tool

If you have used a lot of chainsaws before, you know exactly what you want from your tool. This is especially true if you are someone who often works with outdoor equipment. You may be looking at the price of the 400 and wondering to yourself how much quality you can possibly get for such a low cost. The truth is that you will not be disappointed.

The moment you pick up the CS 400 chainsaw, you can feel that it’s quality. This thing is made out of solid pieces and reliable components. The blade and chain are the real deal, these will not let you down. If you need to service hiking trails, if you need to get high in a tree to chop down the upper portion, this is a great piece of equipment. It will not let you down.

It also does not matter what kind of wood you cut. This is a quality chainsaw and it cuts the hardest wood, like oak, hickory, ironwood, Douglas, and even pine. While you may be trading maximum power for a lighter unit with gentle power output, you will still see a dramatic difference in what you can accomplish with this tool.

Branch Killer

Not all jobs are as intense as cutting down trees. In fact, most people use their chainsaw only for cutting branches. And if you are looking at this particular chainsaw, chances are you own a large piece of property, you manage a trail, or something similar. And you need to keep everything tidy.

What I love about this small chainsaw is that it kills branches like crazy. On a single tank of fuel, you can easily cut through at least 100 or 200 branches, or more! It is a much better solution than carrying around a hatchet or using a handsaw. Talk about hand cramps!

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The other great thing is that because of the vibration dampening technology that comes included with the chainsaw, you can start it, do a quick cut, and then shut it off without wearing out your hands. Additionally, the pull cord is specially designed to give less resistance. This means if you need to start the engine repeatedly, you won’t hurt your shoulder from continuously yanking on the start cord.

Upgrade, Move Up!

Everything needs to upgrade at some point. If you have been using the same chainsaw since 1967, chances are you need an upgrade. I recommend the CS 400 as an ideal upgrade model because it comes with all the modern features that you need in a chainsaw, such as great safety bonuses, simple oiling of the blade and chain, low emission output, and better fuel efficiency than anything designed in 1967.

Do keep in mind that if you want this chainsaw to continue working flawlessly for the rest of your years, all you need to do is simple maintenance. I promise this machine is easier to maintain than anything 30 or 40 or 50 years old. If you take care to oil, clean, and change the necessary components at least once a year, you will never need to buy another chainsaw for as long as you live.

Echo CS 400 Review: Final Thoughts

After everything we have learned in this review of the Echo CS 400 Chainsaw, it is hard to believe you still need convincing! If you are shopping for a budget chainsaw that gives superior performance, this is it. No other brand offers a chainsaw with the same kind of power and overall usefulness at this price. It is simply unbeatable.

The CS 400 comes with a superb motor, an ultra-strong chain that does not break or go dull easily, a lightweight frame, well-designed interior components, a pull start that is very easy to yank on, and it is easy to get replacement parts. What more could you need?

I highly recommend this chainsaw to people who need to do more than just yard work. It has the power to cut through oak, ironwood, hickory, and even pine. The big bonus of using this chainsaw is that it is so lightweight. It cuts the same kinds of trees as your heavier and more expensive chainsaw, except it doesn’t break your back while doing it.

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