Echo CS 490 Review: Sturdy Powerful Gas Chainsaw

echo cs490 reviewWelcome to my Echo CS 490 Review, where I will tell you all about how this excellent professional-grade chainsaw can change the way you tend to your property. If you are in the market for a new chainsaw, this is it. It offers incredible power, it can easily chop through wood, and it is lightweight enough to use on low-hanging branches.

Whether you want to cut firewood, clear land, or simply maintain your property, this is the best chainsaw to do it with. It comes with an impressive 50.2 CCs of power and a 2-stroke engine. The chains are 20” and large enough to bite through lots of different materials.

This chainsaw works immediately out of the box with zero setup. It starts great, and it keeps working all throughout the day. This is a top-notch piece of equipment that you will love to use, and you may even find excuses to do some extra cutting.

Echo CS 490 Review: Overview

There is a lot to say about the Echo CS 490 Chainsaw. This chainsaw is sturdy, it has a durable body and an effective handguard, it cut down trees like they were toothpicks, and it comes ready to use out of the box. All you need to enjoy a full day of working with wood is a little bit of gas and some motivation.

Now let’s go through a shortlist of all the great features this professional chainsaw comes with.

Ready to Use

There is nothing worse than getting a product and having to install parts or build it yourself. The CS 490 chainsaw comes ready to use in the box. The only thing you need to do is add fuel. Once the fuel is added, you can take the chainsaw outside and immediately begin using it.

You do not need to put the chains on the bar, you don’t need to screw anything together, and you don’t need to plug it in. This is not an electric chainsaw! It is a gas-powered tool from the master designers at Echo.

Full Maneuverability

How do you feel about a powerful chainsaw that only weighs 10 pounds? Exactly, it’s great! You get the full power of a gas chainsaw with the portability of a cordless chainsaw. This unit is so lightweight that you can use it for trimming branches high up in a tree, you can maneuver the chainsaw into uncomfortable positions, and you can carry it around with you all day without getting tired.

One of the biggest problems when using a chainsaw is fatigue. There is so much vibration that your arms get sore and it hurts to continue cutting. But with the 490 that is no longer a problem. There is very little vibration, and so your arms won’t feel like jelly after 10 minutes of cutting.

Powerful Engine

The engine with this chainsaw is perfect. As a 2-stroke engine, it outputs 50 .2 CCs of cutting power. This translates to maximum performance. Do you want to cut all the way through a tree trunk? No problem! This chainsaw has the power to cut through anything. If you are a firewood cutter, a landowner, or a farmer, I guarantee you can find infinite uses for this robust chainsaw.

The powerful engine mixed with the monster 20” bar and chain combines to give you unmatched cutting power. The chain is super sharp and very easy to adjust the tension on. I should also mention that if you keep the chain well oiled, it is going to last you much longer. This is always something to be aware of while using the chainsaw.

All-Day Cutting

So long as you have an ample supply of gas, you can continue using this chainsaw for hours without stopping. There are many chainsaws that simply can’t work all day. Their engines overheat, the machine gets fatigued, and it just can’t stand up to the pressure.

But with the CS 490 you can rest assured knowing that a full day of work is possible without taking breaks. The engine is strong enough not to overheat or fail no matter how much wood you cut through.

Quality Components

OK, we have established that the CS 490 chainsaw has a great engine, it is easy to use, and it can cut through anything. But what about the internal components? Well, they are equally as tough as the engine and the chain.

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The pull mechanism works every time without a hitch, the carburetor is flawless, the cylinder works like a champion, and even the outer hull of the chainsaw is built from strong material. You will not be disappointed when using this chainsaw, and you definitely won’t be ordering any replacement parts in the near future.

Professional Grade

I like professional equipment, and you probably do too. Just one look at the Echo CS 490 Chainsaw and you know it is a professional tool. This is something you can use in literally any situation to cut wood. At home, at work, when outdoors in the wilderness, and even just to cut firewood. The bonus of using a professional piece of equipment is that you know you can depend on it for a long time.

Echo CS 490 Review: Final Thoughts

For my closing thoughts, I just want to repeat how amazing the Echo CS 490 Chainsaw is. It starts very easily on the first try, it cuts through seriously tough wood with plenty of power, and it runs for a very long time. The chainsaw is reliable, it is super affordable, and it will last you for many years to come.

If you need a new chainsaw to help you around your property clearing logs, chopping up firewood, and doing general maintenance, this is your best option. You will not need to fix it, buy extra parts, or do any kind of tweaking. The CS 490 comes totally ready to work.

The chainsaw is easy to fill with fuel, it has an ergonomic body, sharp chains, a powerful 2-stroke engine, and it looks amazing. For general purpose work, I highly recommend this chainsaw.

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